Snodo is
a passionate journey
through taste.

Pausa caffè.

Breakfast & Drinks. Whether it is a continental breakfast, a premium quality Kafa Lavazza coffee, or a selection of premium homemade pastries breakfast is always served at Snodo, also in the afternoon. The heart of Snodo overlooks the large courtyard where you can enjoy an amazing breakfast with a view, a break in the afternoon […]

Social table.

All day long. A 25 meter table, which through good food and open chats unites every type of visitor. Snodo’s Social table is an open space where you can eat, work, meet, share and create connections all day long. With a menu that acts as an intermediary between the culinary choices offered at the Ristoro […]


Casual Dining. The kitchen is always ready at the Ristoro. It is as fresh as it gets. The items in offer are smart for a fast and never too demanding stop. It is a full open space that allows the historic industrial heights to express themselves and exalt the modern interpretation of the traditional piedmontese […]

Officina del gusto.

Fine Dining. Food first. This Snodo restaurant offers sophisticated culinary dishes in a room that’s set around the big open kitchen, making it the absolute star of the stage. The chefs cooking around are the main spectacle in this exclusive space. The waiting time at the table are prove of the international status of the […]


An after dinner like never before. Freshening up at Snodo is a must. The after dinner at Snodo is called Dopolavoro. A playful yet relaxing space that recalls the first years of the previous century where the workers of OGR exchanged a chat and a drink after the labors of the day. The cocktails that […]


Snodo is not a simple place, it is a container of life, people and stories. Snodo is the connection between different realities that meet in a multifunctional space before heading off again to different directions. It is an intersection where you can stop and eat something special and why not, also stay a little longer. […]


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