is not a simple place,
it is a container
of life, people and stories.

Snodo is the connection between different realities that meet in a
multifunctional space before heading off again to different directions.
It is an intersection where you can stop and eat something special
and why not, also stay a little longer. In the past there were the locomotives,
now there are people.

It is located in the heart of a large cathedral of contemporary industriousness.
Exactly at the center of the new exhibition spaces.
Snodo is a passionate journey through taste.
Many things are being offered here, from a refined breakfast
to a respectable after dinner. The order is not relevant as it is up to
the client’s needs because Snodo is almost always open, from 7 to 2 am every day.

The Snodo project is


The environments - different in size, furniture selection and use – they are all however united by a single vision: focusing on the client by establishing the concept of hospitality in a space that can be enjoyed 360°. Snodo spreads over an area of 1500 squared meters divided in 5 themed spaces, which have their own setting and purpose.

The design of Snodo has been entrusted to Boffa, Petrone & Partners Progettisti Associati, which, together with Building Engineering, has also developed the project of the South Wing and the external areas of OGR, as well as the construction and supervision of all the restoration.

The conservative intervention has always maintained great respect for the pre-existing industrial lines offering the public an impactful scenography due to a sombre and dry style, only interrupted occasionally by design installations depicting faces in neon, gears, planetary globes through metal and lighting. The quality of Boffa, Petrone & Partners' design interventions is aimed at renewing the beauty of the historical places of the city, with the mission of transforming them to redefine their function through design, visual arts and creativity.

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